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Do you have the right stuff to be one of SoleSource’s well-paid independent contractors?
SoleSource is successful because of its network of highly-motivated, top-notch talent. We keep our rates high by keeping our overhead low. We meet our customer’s requirements with independent contractors (ICs) working out of their own homes and using their own equipment. This allows us to pay our ICs at better than market rates.

SoleSource pays for work on completion and acceptance by our customer. Most work is bid on a reasonable fixed-price basis. This encourages our ICs to do top-quality work as well as leads to shorter cycle times as payment is the motivation to complete the task.

And finally, paying on completion and acceptance serves as a financial incentive for the IC to beat the hours in the fixed bid. Top quality ICs nearly always complete the job faster than the fixed-price bid.

To summarize, here are the reasons SoleSource should appeal to you:

bullet.gif (991 bytes) Work at home
bullet.gif (991 bytes) Supplement your income (don’t have to quit your day job)
bullet.gif (991 bytes) Better than market rates
bullet.gif (991 bytes) Financial incentives for fast, accurate work

SoleSource uses experienced technical writers, editors, and illustrators. We also use subject matter experts who can supplement our customers’ engineering talent to actually source documentation.

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If you’re interested in doing work for SoleSource, click here to send us your resume and a summary of your technical skills