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Marketing Communications
If you are a Marketing Communications Professional, here is how SoleSource can help you with your technical communications needs.
Marketing Communications for a high tech company becomes more challenging all the time. Chances are your customers and potential customers are overloaded with information. Your challenge is to communicate your company’s messages and rise above the information clutter. When it comes to technical content, the materials you produce need to be crisp, persuasive, accurate, and audience appropriate.

If you need help developing technical information or if technical documentation is part of your deliverable responsibilities, SoleSource can help. Here’s how:

bullet.gif (905 bytes) Fast access to best technical communications professionals
bullet.gif (905 bytes) Fixed price contracts for predictable costs
bullet.gif (905 bytes) Outsource capacity provided with no increase to your overhead. No need to provide computers, software, office space, training or supervision.
bullet.gif (905 bytes) Turnkey project management, if required
bullet.gif (905 bytes) Access to subject matter experts in all technical areas
bullet.gif (905 bytes) Flexibility to handle large contracts or small piecework projects
bullet.gif (905 bytes) Support for wide variety of formats/tools/platforms, web and online documentation
bullet.gif (905 bytes) Always available resource on call for those times when sudden surge load exceeds your in-house capacity
bullet.gif (905 bytes) Resources to tackle short fuse, ultra-short cycle time projects
bullet.gif (905 bytes) Freedom for your in-house experts to handle special projects by letting SoleSource support your normal workload
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