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If you are an Engineering Management Professional, here is how SoleSource, Inc. can help you with your technical communications needs.
bullet.gif (905 bytes) Is developing technical documentation the least attractive part of your job?
bullet.gif (905 bytes) Does your tech pubs shop lack the capacity to handle surges in workload or the expertise to adequately document specialized high-tech products?
bullet.gif (905 bytes) Are the costs, cycle times and quality of your in-house pubs shop always too much, too long and too poor?
bullet.gif (905 bytes) Do you trust your tech pubs staff to edit documentation written by your expensive and talented engineers?
Have we hit a nerve yet? Then perhaps you should consider SoleSource, Inc.. Here's what we can do for you:
bullet.gif (905 bytes) Provide the most experienced and expert tech writers who know how maximize the efforts of your engineers and minimize the hassles. NO HAND HOLDING REQUIRED.
bullet.gif (905 bytes) Provide quick-turn capacity for emergency jobs.
bullet.gif (905 bytes) Provide fast access to subject matter experts in almost any field to supplement your engineering staff
bullet.gif (905 bytes) Handle mundane engineering, or technical sourcing tasks to free-up your in-house staff for critical projects
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