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If you are a Technical Publications Professional, here is how SoleSource can help you with your technical communications needs.
Your company probably already has an excellent technical documentation department. But sometimes you don't have enough capacity to handle the surges in workload. Your people end up working 60 hours a week and your cycle times go out the window.
Does this ring a bell? SoleSource can help.
SoleSource can supplement your current in-house capacity. The graph below shows the typical pubs group workload. In the past, you could do one of two things to handle the surges.


1. Increase your internal staff to handle the peaks. The problem with this is that staffing takes time. You can't find great people overnight and recruiting is expensive. Even if you find and hire the right people, you're left with costly excess capacity after you work through the backlog.

2. Keep your staff the same size and let your documentation backlog/cycle time stretch out. This is what usually happens. You just keep hacking through the backlog and do the best you can with your current capacity. But this has a lot of down side. Your internal customers get angry and by the time you finally get around to doing their documentation, you find that the subject matter experts have already moved on to other projects making it twice as hard for your writers to do the job right.

Perhaps you can't meet product release dates and product launches are delayed because you can't deliver the documentation. You may even take some short cuts by not fully documenting your product which hurts your business and results in lots of customer service calls.

With SoleSource you have a third option offering the following advantages:
bullet.gif (905 bytes) Fast access to best technical communications professionals
bullet.gif (905 bytes) Fixed price contracts for predictable costs
bullet.gif (905 bytes) Outsource capacity provided with no increase to your overhead. No need to provide computers, software, office space, training or supervision.
bullet.gif (905 bytes) Turnkey project management, if required
bullet.gif (905 bytes) Access to subject matter experts in all technical areas
bullet.gif (905 bytes) Flexibility to handle large contracts or small piecework projects
bullet.gif (905 bytes) Support for wide variety of formats/tools/platforms, web and online documentation
bullet.gif (905 bytes) Always available resource on call for those times when sudden surge load exceeds your in-house capacity
bullet.gif (905 bytes) Resources to tackle short fuse, ultra-short cycle time projects
bullet.gif (905 bytes) Freedom for your in-house experts to handle special projects by letting SoleSource support your normal workload
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