SoleSource, Inc.
Technical Publications
Marketing Communications
If you are a Marketing Professional, here is how SoleSource can help you with your technical communications needs.
As a marketing professional in a high technology field you understand that your company produces two things--your product and the information that goes with it. SoleSource manages your customer's information needs so that you can focus on developing the right products.
Here are the key advantages of using SoleSource:
Access to best technical writing and production talent
Minimal management required -- turnkey documentation management available
Long term, short term or emergency support
Fast access to a vast talent resource.Let SoleSource find you a subject matter experts for any technical field
When time to market with the right technical information is your key concern, SoleSource provides quick-turn support
Free your key marketing people from information management. Let SoleSource manage it for you
When you need seasoned professional technical communications experts who can add real marketing value and not just a technical writers or illustrators SoleSource can help
When the cost of shipping your product late because of late technical manuals is unacceptable, call SoleSource.
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