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If you are a Management Professional, here is how SoleSource can help you with your technical communications needs.
If the core value of your company does not include your technical communications talent or if you currently can’t justify adding technical communications staff, perhaps outsourcing with SoleSource is the answer.

Consider these advantages:

bullet.gif (905 bytes) No big staff to recruit, train and manage. Let SoleSource do it for you
bullet.gif (905 bytes) No overhead and upkeep such as office space, computers, and software
bullet.gif (905 bytes) Flexibility saves money. Pay for a virtual staff only when you need it. Eliminate 100% of your in-house capability or just use SoleSource as a supplemental resource for in-house overflow and emergency capacity needs.
bullet.gif (905 bytes) Use SoleSource to buy expertise for short-term or one-time needs
bullet.gif (905 bytes) Use SoleSource to hit short-term deadlines
bullet.gif (905 bytes) Use SoleSource to handle simple jobs freeing up your in-house staff to handle special projects
bullet.gif (905 bytes) Manage project costs by using SoleSource to work fixed-price contracts. Eliminate hidden costs.
bullet.gif (905 bytes) Use SoleSource to provide turn-key management of complete communications projects.
bullet.gif (905 bytes) SoleSource people are experienced!
No training needed
No stroking required
bullet.gif (905 bytes) SoleSource's high-quality people simply do the job and don't need handholding.
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