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SoleSource has given me the freedom to work when and where it's most convenient to me, while providing the income potential I'd have a hard time finding elsewhere, a rate of pay that allows me to maintain my high standard of living. – C. M. Smith


SoleSource provides a way for me to virtually telecommute throughout the entire project. All assignments are distributed via e-mail and allowed me to access my work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The idea of working out of my house not only sounded great, it proved to work well across the board. I highly recommend SoleSource and congratulate them on their successful approach to a functional virtual office. – M. A. Newsom


Working with SoleSource provided me the opportunity to start my own freelance support practice. The high compensation and flexible hours allowed me to purchase needed equipment and build a dependable client base. – M. Butterly


SoleSource is an early pioneer in creating the virtual project in the office of the future, which will operate without boundaries or limitations, permanently altering the way businesses do business. It gives us as consultants the twin incentives of flexibility and excellent pay. We are professionals being treated as professionals and we appreciate the consideration. In return, we provide the highest quality work despite demanding schedules. "You get what you pay for" is no empty axiom here. It's simple fact. – E. & J. Gunter