SoleSource, Inc.
Technical Publications
Marketing Communications
The SoleSource concept of using a network of the finest talent has provided Texas Instruments with a "wide-pipe" for getting tremendous amounts of work completed in very short cycle times.I can always tell my internal customers that I can get their work done when they need it because I always know that SoleSource can provide the talent.

SoleSource has also been instrumental in providing key third-party management allowing my people to focus on satisfying their internal customers while SoleSource handles the details associated with project management. As a result of our relationship, I no longer have any technical writers on staff. Now my people are account managers who focus on keeping our internal customers happy.

I am completely satisfied with the close relationship that I have with SoleSource and strongly suggest that other companies give this unique concept a try.


Art Fischman
Digital Signal Processing Technical Information Director
Texas Instruments, Inc.


. . . SoleSource has helped ASIC Software Engineering Services keep no-room product release schedules. As the Systems Engineering team member responsible for TI ASIC's communications deliverables, I felt much more comfortable knowing Mike and John were in the bullpen in late innings. An outside source cannot get away with just giving you requirements instead of services, a rather popular game with in-house engineering publications groups. If you need writers who will really work with your project until the late hours of a release, you now have a viable option.


John Barnes
ASIC Design Kit Systems
Texas Instruments, Inc.